Chapter 03: Three

  • CHAPTER 03

  • PCES' third collection, "3", draws inspiration from the number three. We explored the symbolic significance of "3" in everyday life, realising that many of its connotations revolve around the relationships and balance between three entities. Therefore, we adopted the concept of balance derived from the number three, crafting a world where powers counterbalance one another.

    Represented by "Religion," "Military," and "Authority," we incorporate historical context, cultural influence, and modern style into our designs, illustrating the interconnectedness of diverse characteristics. This concept is also reflected in the garments, where we integrate cultural elements, materials, and techniques to create a cohesive blend within the collection. The intertwining of various design elements indicates the balance that can be achieved when multiple forces work together.

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  • One will always corrupt, two will divide. But with three, there is balance.

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